The rare combination of Creative Agency and Video Production Company. Why it matters.

Creative agencies. You get them in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of specialties and strengths. The traditional capabilities of creative agencies include strategy, design, branding and creative copywriting. This traditional model would usually dictate that when video assets are required to execute a creative brief (like for a TVC or online ad) the creative agency contracts a production company to collaborate. This is still the prevalent model at the highest level of advertising in New Zealand.

Our lead editor Flo, hard at work in our post-production suite.

Of course, in recent years, video has become far more accessible to the masses with advances in technology meaning that highly cinematic commercial productions can be achieved for tens of thousands of dollars rather than hundreds of thousands or even millions. Gone are the days of huge film cameras and lights with a crew of 50 to capture a few nice looking images (my iPhone 12 has the capability to capture beautiful images when in the right hands). Advances in internet speed have made video streaming not only practical but dominant and the world’s leading authorities on advertising effectiveness definitively point to emotive video as the most effective way to build brand equity with audiences and drive lasting profitability.

So it’s no wonder that a number of the emerging and fast growing creative agencies across New Zealand (with some prominent examples in Auckland and Wellington) and the world are now structuring with in-house video production capabilities in mind, utilising new technologies and merging creative talents to provide a vehicle for the most effective communications under one roof. This model provides for a far more synchronised dynamic between strategic, communications, creative and production units and offers greater efficiencies, meaning budgets go further…with the added value of client communications and the customer journey being greatly simplified.

One of our many creative team brainstorming sessions.

That’s not to say it’s easy. The reason many creative agencies don’t offer in-house video production services is that it’s a big old beast of its own with it’s own complex structure of skill, technical capability and regulatory requirements…not to mention the financial outlay required for the substantial technology infrastructure needed to produce and post-produce the highest quality video content.

At Shotover Media we evolved from a production company into a creative agency with some highly skilled talent acquisitions in brand communications, strategy and design, so we inherently possess everything needed in the production space and I can genuinely say I don’t believe there’s another creative agency on the South Island with our in-house production capabilities. Our Queenstown studio is stacked with the latest camera, drone, sound, lighting and post production equipment and our team are highly experienced in Strategy, Creative Development, Creative Copywriting and Communications, Screenwriting, Scriptwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Sound, CAA 102 Certified Drone Operations, Art Direction, Production Management, Editing, Sound Mixing, Colouring and Motion Graphics. That’s a pretty end-to-end service.

In a world where communications are dominated by video and where leading media scientists point to video as the the most effective form of communicating with audiences to build last profitability, I can only see this model of combining potent communications and creative services with robust production services becoming more and more prevalent. Some might say it’s the future but I say it’s now.

P.S. Sorry about the cheesy ending.