It’s 2020.There’s a virus on the loose and the world has closed its borders. Flights are scarce and backpack wielding travellers taking off on their OE are even scarcer.

Enter Queenstown Resort College and a competition to trump them all. Tourism’s not dead and neither is the big OE, just make it Kiwi.

Creative & Execution

QRC came to us with a broad video concept. To promote a competition to send two winners on a Big Aoteroa experience. We said “Let’s film the experience” They said “Okay”.

From Northland down to Milford Sound we followed 3 young kiwi high school graduates on their Big AE, figuring out their future prospects along the way. Proving you don’t need to go overseas to have the time of your life, the Big AE is a quest to entice exploration, adventure and good times all in the name of kiwi tourism.


A 4-part hero series, mobile friendly video ads and still images. Designed for social, we capture the imagination of young domestic minds, open their eyes to the possibilities of a career in tourism and entice them in with the chance to win a Big AE of their own.


Creative Development

Content Production




2.4 Mil

2.4m Impressions