Here in Queenstown and Wanaka the Airports are a much favoured community talking point and it was about time the aviation industry had its say.

In and around the airports is a dynamic workplace and thriving industry, full of history and character, that strives to keep travel in and out of Queenstown & Wanaka safe and accessible.

So the good folk at QAC came to us to create video content to help develop public understanding of the critical role it plays in the community and present the heart and soul of the industry.

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Aviation. It’s pretty damn incredible. Aviation in the spectacular southern lakes region, however, is next level. Housing some of the best talent in the world we wanted to showcase the great and the downright awesome through profiling industry characters and stories shaped in this one-of-a-kind place.

Armed with a broad brief we developed the creative concept and execution from the ground up, anchored by the question, Why Do We Fly?


Celebrating the romance, pioneering spirit and ongoing contribution of aviation to the region, we produced a campaign launch video designed for social reach, to capture the imagination of the public and set the tone for more to come.

The following mini documentary series, released over 6 months, dove deeper into the question Why Do We Fly? Not only championing the every day heros within the aviation industry but also featuring stories from those that rely on the industry to do some pretty awesome things on the global stage.


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