Sharing our backyard with guests since 1954, Real Journey’s is a stalwart in Queenstown tourism and has a solid legacy of creating unforgettable experiences here in the lower south.

Its summer campaign  ‘Love Every Moment’ was about capturing the essence of Real Journey’s line up of seasonal  experiences –  from the macro to the micro.


The team at RJs had a clear concept for the campaign. Showcase those amazing micro moments guests remember when on a Real Journeys experience. So it was up to us to come to the collaborative table, develop the creative with RJs and make it happen.

Shot on the fly with real people having real experiences, we plunged into the icy waters of Milford, we stalked kiwi’s – the bird, not the people – under starlight on Stewart Island, we walked among giants and we put nature’s soundtrack on play.

Our aim was to ensure authenticity and realism while keeping it fun and cheeky.


Campaign hero video and extensive visual library of over 30 Real Journeys moments for a summer social and digital OOH campaign that champion those little moments around the must dos throughout Queenstown, Fiordland and Southland.


Creative Development

Content Production



Over 350k social media views