If there was a competition for the best view from a shopping centre in the world RPTC would be the undisputed champion

….and with fresh competition popping up over recent years, RPTC came to us to reconnect with the community at Christmas time and spread some festive cheer.

How did we do this? With a . . . competition. . . of course.


We needed to remind the Queenstown community that RPTC is the place to shop this Christmas. At a time when Christmas and shopping content was at an all-time high, we needed to stand out, be bolder than the competition. Playful but informative.

Here’s where we imagined a story of Santa in 2020. His elves are running an automated present delivery system and he’s tapped out for the season, on holiday here in Queenstown. But, as 2020 would have it, the system malfunctions and Santa’s recalled from his fishing sojourn to rally up a list of gifts. We follow Santa as he embarks on his first shopping expedition at RPTC, and lure the audience in with the ability to win it all…


A hero short film with key message cut downs, this festive treat was designed to run alongside a social competition to win the presents Santa picked up in the film.



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