Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about switching up their career from time to time? Melissa Jenner is New Zealand’s most recognised career coach and has helped countless professionals reinvent their work lives. Melissa engaged us to design and execute a creative framework to scale up her distribution and deliver her extensive knowledge to the world with an online course. Under Melissa’s Start Now brand we developed a brand refresh, complete content production and promotional assets so millions of people across the world can now Build a Career to Love.

Content Production

Mirroring the world of creative thinking that Melissa’s course stems from we focused on vibrant art direction and creative cinematography design. We planned and developed all of our set design, lighting and camera angles digitally before the location build, meaning we could hit the ground running for our 3-day build and shoot at Queenstown’s Memorial Hall . Hair, make-up, lights, camera, teleprompter, action!


With the launch of the Build a Career to Love course, the parent Start Now brand needed a refresh. Taking inspiration directly from the course and the practice of the Design Thinking processes (think Post-it notes, prototyping, doodles, hand-written scribbles) this distinctive brand look enables Start Now to feel personal, approachable, and creative.