Our great mates at TomTom Productions needed a powerhouse brand video and  suite of content that they could shout from the rooftops with.

Our mission was simple. Develop a creative that finally answers the question once and for all…who is TomTom?


From humble origins to sold out festivals, we plotted a journey across space and time to squeeze in over 10 years of brand history into a 2 minute ripper showreel.

We gave it personality, we gave it spectacle, we gave it all the gear and we gave it a killer soundtrack. We showed the world how TomTom delivers spectacular AV shows here in Queenstown and throughout New Zealand.


So, what happened when leading visual experts of one kind teamed up with leading visual experts of another?

Aside from a blossoming bromance, we brewed up a production on production brand video and content suite that’s bright and tasty, full of swagger with major rock’n’roll vibes.



Creative Concept

Creative Development

Content Production

Script and Copywriting


We now know who TomTom are. Finally!